Chicago is an important city in terms of history, entertainment and location. Since its days as a gangster’s paradise, ‘the windy city’ has been a hub of contemporary culture and decadent glamour, and now we bring you the best of the boutique hotels in Chicago . Located on the shore of the Lake Michigan, Chicago is a great destination travel for people who love blues and jazz, comedy and the theater. The city can accommodate the needs of all its tourists regardless of their holiday budget. There are luxurious boutique hotels, restaurants and boutiques for people with unlimited budgets, but there are also reasonably priced accommodation and eating places. With a multitude of places to see from churches and galleries to museums of art and science, Chicago is also a great place for spending your holiday outdoors at one of the many beaches or parks. No matter how many vacations one takes and how many elegant rooms one has stayed in, there is still no exchanging personal and special service from people who are truly residents of the area, and not just hired employees. This is what a boutique hotel can offer you in lieu of more commercial hotels. And Chicago has some of the finest, paired with the famous southern charm. If you are seeking an authentic experience, you should consider staying in the numerous hotels has many set in trendy neighborhoods with old brick buildings and parks as a façade. Choosing one is difficult since there are so many in the area, and each one offering special amenities reminiscent of a hotel but with a more intimate feel in terms of service and atmosphere.

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