No Nonsense Bodybuilding is an eBook created by Vince Delmonte to help you reach your bodybuilding goals. Delmonte will answer any questions you have, usually within 24 hours, to ensure you understand and get the full no nonsense bodybuilding experience. Whether you are a fresh beginner to the world of working out, or you are a veteran of the gym this program will take your routine up to a new level. Not only does No Nonsense Bodybuilding contain information on techniques for the gym, there is valuable advice on the nutrition that a true bodybuilder requires. Fat loss techniques and tricks are also placed throughout the eBook, giving you the option to focus on losing body fat. Upon acting on these gems of workout information, you can be certain that you will lose weight and gain muscle mass. Included is a metabolic calculator, which will determine through the combination of mathematical formula and nutrition expertise your optimal amount of calories taken in per day. As anyone who has dieted before knows, calories are essential to attaining your health related goals. All foods contain a certain amount of calories, these calories are packets of energy that will fuel your body for the day. Every time a body moves it is thanks to the energy that calories give you. When calories are not used they turn into fat cells, there is no limit on how many fat cells one can have. Knowing your optimal level of calorie intake will stave off the creation of fat cells, and make your body happy as it will be running on premium efficiency. Buying No Nonsense Bodybuilding will put you at the helm of your bodybuilding adventure.

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